About Us

About FlightStart Solutions

At FlightStart Solutions our goal is to assure a safe and secure flight department. Equipping them with critical needs for today’s world; cyberspace security protection, lithium battery thermal runaway protection and safe operations in an owned aircraft or brokering a safe charter aircraft.

FlightStart Solutions evaluates and provides direction on essential safety and security protocols and crucial support products for pilots, crew and passengers, relating to both cockpit and cabin. FBOs, MROs and corporate aircraft manufacturers employ our consultation on Safety Management Systems and data monitoring.

Establishing new or existing flight departments:
Twenty years of high-net-worth customers, trust FlightStart Solutions to deliver a fully operational aircraft at delivery. In order to achieve this goal, we utilize staff experience, judgement and invaluable resources to assist the customer in all facets of the purchase, delivery, and the team coordination process.

Our relationships with aircraft manufacturers provides focus on the right aircraft that fits to the customer, providing everything to place the aircraft into safe operation, and as a result we prevent the loss of valuable ‘opportunity time’ from the executive perspective.

“Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation is pleased to recommend the services of FlightStart Solutions to its customers in connection with their start up operations. FlightStart’s experienced team is well geared to assist Falcon customers in maximizing the value of their aircraft.” - Jean Rosenvallon, former President, CEO