Frequently Asked Questions

The information below is a sampling of questions we often receive. We continually expand our FAQ as needed to help make the experience at FSSLearning as smooth as possible. If you find that there is no answer to your question, please feel free to Contact Us for additional support.

What is is an eLearning site that hosts courses for education for skill development

I’m interested in enrolling in a course. Where do I start?

You can start the enrollment process by clicking Login to either login or register for the site, or you can select a course offering and continue from there to the checkout. During Checkout a user account will be created for you. If your purchase is successful you should be sent directly into the course, however if you are not sure how to access your course you can always check the “My Account” page where all of your enrollments are listed.

I’ve purchased a course, but now I cannot find it. What do I do?

The easiest way to find courses associated with your purchase, or find Mini-courses you have enrolled in, is to go to your “My Account” page. Your “My Account” page will list all courses you are eligible to take, or courses that you have started and wish to resume.

I started my course but had to step away from it, how do I resume the course where I left off?

Your My Accounts page is where the listing of all of your enrolled courses can be found. You should be able to resume your course from your My Accounts page. If you do not see a course that you believe you have enrolled in on your My Accounts page, please Contact Us for additional help.

I’ve completed a course and also completed the quiz. Where is my certificate?

It is important to make sure that all lessons within a course are marked as complete. You should see a “Mark As Complete” button for each lesson. When completing a quiz, your certificate should be offered to you at that time. If this does not happen for some reason, make sure you click the “continue” button. If you still do not see a way to obtain a certificate, please check your My Accounts page, prior to using our contact form. If a certificate is available for a complete course, you should see an Icon on the course listing that looks like a document. Clicking this icon should allow you to obtain the certificate.

I would like to purchase multiple seats for a single course for my team. Is this possible?

Yes, most of our courses are able to be purchased as an individual, or as a Group. On the product page you have the option of selecting “Individual” or “Group”. Once selecting the radio button for “Group” you will be prompted for a “Group Name” which you can name whatever you would like. Our suggestion would be to make the group name something that represents your organization and is easily recognizable by team members. Enter the quantity of seats you would like to purchase in the quantity box and the bottom information bar will update with the total cost (less applicable taxes and fees) and display both “Group Name” and “Total”. The group purchaser becomes the “Group Leader” by default. The group section of can be accessed by clicking the “Group” link in the top navigation bar.

What is the difference between selecting “Individual” or “Group” on the product page?

If you select “individual” on the product page you will be purchasing 1 single seat for the selected course. Select “Group” if you are intending to purchase multiple seats, for example, if you are a manager purchasing the course for multiples individuals within your organization which you intend to take the course. When a group purchase is made, the purchaser with become the “Group Leader” by default. The “Group Leader” will have access to a “Group Dashboard” whe logged into their account, that allows the leader to manage “Group Members”. In particular, this will give access to the “Group Code” that can be used to enroll “Group Members” to claim their seat for the selected course.

I am a “Group Leader” and i’m having trouble enrolling my team members. How can I do that?

As a “Group Leader” your role is essentially the Administrator for your team. Once your group purchase is made you should be sent directly to the Group Leader Dashboard where you can administer your group. On the dashboard near the upper right will be a way to generate a “Group Code”. This Group code is used to enroll your team members into the group. Anyone enrolled in the group automatically uses a single “seat” and is also automatically enrolled into any course(s) that have been purchased for that group. The easiest way to enroll a team member is to email them the “Group Code” and have them register through the “Group” link at the top of any page. The registration process must be done through the “Group” link and the group team member must enter their code verbatim in order to be automatically enrolled. If you need help with Group Member enrollment please Contact Us for assistance.

I have entered the wrong quantity for my group purchase. What do I do?

The first step is to Contact Us immediately so that we can examine what happened, and how to rectify the situation. You can view our Refunds policy HERE.

My cart shows US dollars as the currency. I would like to pay with a different currency. How can I do this?

At the top left of the cart there should be a currency switcher to choose which currency you would like your cost calculated in. All of the normal fees, taxes and exchange rates apply to your local currency. If you have questions or concerns regarding using the currency of your choice, please Contact Us for more information

I’m worried about my privacy and what is being done with my information. What is your policy?

Our policy is to only collect and use the info we need to make sure your experience at FSSLearning goes as smooth as possible. We use the minimum cookies required to help the site run. When you first access the site, you will be presented with a popup regarding tracking cookies and you will be able to review what information we use. Your information, if you choose, can be deleted and removed from our records at any time. However, this would mean you would no longer be registered with our site and would make you ineligible for enrollment in our courses.

I’m looking for information regarding your policies and your Terms of Use. Where is this information located?

All of our policies are located at the bottom of each page of our site for convenience. You may encounter additional notices during the purchasing process.

I’ve looked through your Frequently asked Questions page but I still have an issue. How do I access support?

We strive to provide the most informative answers possible, however we understand that not all questions can be anticipated. You may always Contact Us for help whenever you need to.

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