What is a Security Management System (SeMS)?

A Security Management System (SeMS) provides an entity with a framework of operating principles and guidance which enable it to enhance security performance by proactively managing risks, threats, and areas where there are gaps and vulnerabilities which may have a negative impact on that performance. It is an

SeMS is:

  • Based on a risk-driven framework designed to embed security within your operations and culture
  • Suitable for any entity within the aviation sector, regardless of size or operation
  • An enabler for the CAA around the globe to develop flexible, risk-based oversight
  • An enabler for entities required to meet quality control provisions of their local authorities

A SeMS also contributes to making security practices proactive, rather than relying on more traditional reactive and prescriptive procedures. It offers quantitative and qualitative benefits that can improve overall performance and communication within a company, as well as with State regulators. It enhances a company’s security culture, regulatory collaboration, and resource utilization.

Source: IATA